Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Guest Blogger: My Sister Amy

(My Sister Amy Ahlstrom)

Had a great day in the Mayorista! Haven't been to an open market before.  My
favorite part was the meat market.  
There were items for sale like hooves, (don't know what animal),
stomach, intestine, liver, and many other things I could't figure out.  
My favorite were the goat heads!  Soup anyone?

Love the idea of the mosaic wall!  Who came up with that idea?  Genius. It
adds a artsy, unique flare to the city. The design above was my personal contribution. (jk)
 Was happy just to add my piece to the wall!


Favorite part of a great day was the temple site of the future 
Trujillo, Peru Temple.  
Had a spiritual thought by President Turk 
and thought about how the Peruvian people
will be blessed when it is here. 

We are loving Trujillo!