Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I asked President Turk tonight if he ever gets tired of training missionaries... 
which happens almost every day...
  He told me that not only does he not get tired of it 
but it is invigorating to him.

Talk about being blessed beyond measure...  We are!

We have been with the Esperanza Zone a lot lately.
Here we are again with them at a weekly district meeting.

 So of course, I showed up and had to ask for their keys to their rooms.

I found some good - clean rooms.

This makes me happy..... Shoe shine kits that are out and used.
Clean hands, clean hearts, and clean shoes... A Must!
(and almost impossible)

The missionaries spend a lot of time studying every morning at these desks.
When we want to speak to our Heavenly Father, we pray...
and He answers us, many times through the Scriptures.
I can't tell you how many times I have had pure inspiration 
come when I am reading my scriptures.
You can't just say you believe the Book of Mormon,
you have to open it and keep reading it
over and over.
There is a power in this Book 
that makes us crave beauty, virtue, righteousness 
and the great things in the world.
I testify that this is true!

The Missionaries rooms are almost always on the top floor.
People keep their animals right outside the missionaries doors on the roof.
If you ask them the animals names they will tell you "Lunch" and "Dinner".

Zone Leaders were using every inch of their walls and even their windows to 
display their good thoughts and studies and reminders.
I love it.

Esperanza... Let your light so shine.... and also your rooms!
We Love You!