Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, July 27, 2012

Goodbye Giraldez Family...

One of the greatest things that happened to us when we arrived in Peru
was meeting and serving with the Giraldez Family.

President Giraldez has been President Turk's first counselor
in the mission presidency.
And his wife Martha has been a dear friend to me.
And we love their son Tato.
They also have a son and daughter at BYU.

President Giraldez works for the Church and has been transferred to Lima.
We are crushed.  They have always been our 
go to friends for absolutely anything and everything.

We had a special dinner for them this evening.
President Giraldez has been a fantastic counselor
and friend to President Turk.
When they would meet as a Presdency here in the 
Mission Home for their meetings...
I would hear a whole lot of laughter going on.
 I am so happy that they have enjoyed serving together.

We will miss them like crazy!

Best of Luck in Lima... 
We will be dear friends with them forever.
We love you... Giraldez Family.

The video below was when we were new to Peru and Martha was 
with me getting my first hair color.

This hair color took about 5 hours.
The stylist dyed my hair dark first and then had to bring it back to blond.
Now I just do it myself in about 30 minutes.
Who knew I could color my hair?
But this is a funny- funny memory!