Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, July 16, 2012

Preparation Day... FUN!

President and I met the Esperanza Zone and the Porvenir Zone at the fields 
this morning for some soccer and Frisbee dodgeball.

The Zones were mixed up into four teams.
We always play two teams for five minutes or to a goal
and then rotate the others in.
Nobody sits out long and there are no big competitive matches.

The red team seemed to be the team to beat in soccer.

 But the blue team won the overall prize in frisbee dodgeball.
They did have the secret weapon... Elder Russell
who is a baseball pitcher.  He can throw that frisbee with some 
force and accuracy.

Every team had a lot of talent...

It is fun no matter who wins because we get to be outside 
in this grand weather.
I love it... I am especially grateful as I am thinking about my
Arizona family and friends right now in the
110-115* F weather.  Sorry!
Hey, come and visit us any time of the year
for some perfect weather.

The blue team turned into the white team as they won
the coveted Mission Shirts.

We Work Hard... Play Hard... and then Work Harder!