Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Mayorista

I took two of my wing men with me and went to the Mayorista.
I had to get some supplies for the missionaries.
It is my favorite place to take pictures.
It's colorful, crowded, crazy and different.
July is Peru's Independence Day Celebration too.
Everything is red and white, the colors of the Country.
I had my Elders put on the free berets that I received with my purchase, 
for a photo.
They looked like the Guardian Angels from the subways of New York.

So that's what I will call Elder Richards and Elder Cook, my Guardian Angels.
Actually Elder Cook looks like he is in his school uniform going to class.

The open bins of rice and grains are always interesting.
There is usually someone standing there playing in the grain
with their hands.... 
There are a ton of stores that look just like this one with 
all different sauces that are made every day.
The olives have a very pungent taste that the Peruvians love
and the North Americans do not.
I could not get my Elders that were with me 
to eat one so that I could take a picture...  No way, No how!
If you look closely at the picture below, you can see baggies of water tied
on to some string that hangs right above the cakes and sandwiches.
They swing these bags and it keeps the flies off of their goodies.
Look at these boys.  I could eat them up.
They look exactly like a couple of my missionaries...just a little smaller.  
These boys followed us all through the Mayorista.
I usually have a following of young girls between the ages 
of 6 to 14.  They love to yell english words at me.
The girls came but it was after I put away the camera. dang!
And of course the goat heads were smiling for the camera.
I can never just leave them hanging.... I have to take
pictures of them.  Awesome.. No?
Keep smiling heads... I will be back soon!
Until we meet again...  I am out of here!