Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kat and Myles Turk

Saturday morning we went to the beach with Parker and Hali and the Turkitos.
We were waiting for Papa T who was in Chimbote
 with 140 young men and woman
in a mission prep seminar.

We built some sandcastles, walked out on the pier... and absolutely loved the
perfect weather.... 75 with a nice breeze... ALWAYS.
It makes me and my Arizona children happy.

Then in the afternoon something big was happening at the airport.
Kat and Myles, mis sobrinos, were arriving.

And the cameras and newscasters were there to document it.
The excitement was building... 
And we were all waiting patiently
even Tillman.
And then the last two people off the plane...
YES it was our Kat and Myles 
We all squealed!  
But the cameras were gone... They were actually there following 
"Vilma Palma and the Vampires"
A musical group from Argentina 
that were on the same flight with Kat and Myles.
We decided to take our company right into the heart of the city
when they arrived.  It's not really the heart it is the bowels...
We all went to visit the Mayorista.
It is a maze of small stores all connected under the same roof.
You can buy anything in this place.
It is definetly where the locals go. 
And Kat was extremely excited to find the ginormous pigs feet
that she was looking for.
And we found Myles, the Carnivore down in the meat market.
When we take our blonde grand babies into the mayorista
everyone loves to touch their hair or their hands.
Parker turns into a Papa Bear... 
protecting his young from the curious onlookers.
It's a crack up.

And Papa T and Mama T... are happier than pigs in mud!