Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Perfect by the Dozen...

I asked these 12 new ones to give me three words that described themselves..

Left -Elder Palacios - positive, fun, caring
Right -Elder Almonacid - valiant, lovable, persevering
Left -Elder Peralta - strong, loving, patient
Right - Elder Wood - brave, cheerful, intelligent

Left - Hermana Huaman - charitable, patient, humble
Right - Hermana Rojos - sensible, simple, happy
Left - Hermana Diaz - talented, happy, patient
Right - Elder Perez - patient, friendly, curious

Left -Elder Shimp - athletic, simple, happy
Right -Elder Smith - loving, adaptable, spectacular
Left -Elder Mollo - humble, animated, patient
Right- Elder Riquelme -hard working, serviceable, persevering

We are thrilled with this great batch of missionaries.  We know that they are here for the right reason.
We expect great things from them....   Watch Out Peru... the new ones are in town!