Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh Happy Day....

Our daughter-in-law, Hali is a soccer player.
She loves it and she is really good.

When she was here a year and a half ago
she couldn't play soccer with the missionaries
because she was expecting Penny.

So this visit she was very excited to be able to play.
She was awesome.

 I think she shocked a few of the 
soccer playing latinos.

They were not expecting this fireball.
Parker was on Hali's team and had to try
to keep up with her.

Kat, my niece also kept up with the boys.
even though her jersey fit more like a dress.

Myles is competitive at everything he does.
He was on the winning team.

Myles would play soccer every day... all day if he could.
We also played some frisbee dodgeball.
Thanks to the East Zone for the games.
The sad part is that I didn't get pictures of the four teams
that were playing.

I had the grandchildren and we were at the playground.
President Turk was our photographer
and he forgot to take pictures of the Zone.

We went to the botanical gardens with the children
to feed the peacocks and turtles and exotic birds.
The children have been so amazing.
They have such easy dispositions.
I think that I will just keep them here with me.

Kat and Myles have good dispositions too.

Kat and Myles and Parker and Hali
are going to be doing
some guest blogging.
I hope there is time... Kat and Myles 
leave tonight for Machu Picchu.