Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Highlights...

Here are a few of our great Zone Leaders...
doing some fun training activities.

If you look closely at the white board behind them
you can see President Turk's 
great drawing of an hourglass with sand 
draining down through it.

I loved watching President draw the grains of sand.

Elder BerroterĂ¡n and Elder Lopez
had a special musical number that they composed.
They were excited to present it.
Great job Elders.
 When my sister Jill and her family came to Trujillo 
they brought a bunch of coloring books that they drew and put together. 
 They also included crayons, stickers, pictures
of Christ etc.. and put them in ziplock bags.
The missionaries love them.  
They put them in their backpacks and take them to
have something to entertain the children 
while they are teaching lessons.
They have been a huge hit... so we are 
duplicating them and making another 100 kits.
Thank you Geigles!

We had a great week of baptisms.  We attended this one yesterday
with Elder Davila and Elder Mieles from the Office.
This blog is just random highlights from the week.