Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Presenting... Our Zone Leaders!

Here are our newest Zone Leaders...
Elder Johnson, Elder Casanova and Elder Northcott.
They are going to be outstanding in their new assignments.

The Viru Zone was far above what they had set for their goals...
Congratulations Elder Hannemann and Elder Escobar!

And here are all of our Zone Leaders...

Elder Gomez                               Elder Casanova               Elder Mendoza
 Elder Mieles -office                   Elder Prebe             Elder Vera (jr)

Elder Retamal  -Assistant       Elder Arena - Assistant     Elder DelaFuente
 Elder Olivares                            Elder Cornejo                       Elder Mamani

              Elder Frietz                  Elder BerroterĂ¡n      Elder Davila -office
Elder Contreras                              Elder Lopez                        Elder Uribe

         Elder Saldivia                 Elder Northcott            Elder Vera jr - oops
 Elder Johnson                               Elder Wilkinson                     Elder Hurley

 Elder Mecham -Assistant        Elder Vera- Assistatnt      Elder Gamboa
Elder Brian                                   Elder Marquez                     Elder Pillajo

       Elder Yat                                                                      Elder Escobar
                                                                                                Elder Hannemann

We Absolutely Love these Elders!
Thank you,  Gracias
Les Amo,  I love you all!

They are out doing service this afternoon at several
of the chapels.  They are awesome!