Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, July 5, 2012

President Turk x's Four

We took the family into the office to bare testimonies
to the new Elders and their Trainers.
They were in for their one month check up already.

Tillman wants to be right next to his Papa T
at all times.

 Tillman will definitely be a President of something someday.

Parker is the third President Turk

Kat and Myles were checking out the missionary board.
It is an amazing feat to move all these missionaries
and get them in the right place at the right time.

Here is another President Turk

The babies are always surrounded by the missionaries
Each of the family bore a sweet testimony to our missionaries
Kat talked about by small and simple things
 great things come to pass.

Myles spoke about practices on his mission 
that helped him to be successful...
the power of planning and having back up plans...
working with the members...
and being obedient to even the small things

Hali was grateful for the opportunity to come and bring
her children to be around the missionary spirit.
There is definitely something very tangible when you are with them

Parker spoke on Charity...
He had them read Moroni 7:48 with him.
To be more like Christ, we have to develop charity... Christ like Love
and there is no better place to begin to learn this
than on the mission.

T-man found Mama T's huacos.  Tillman is going to make one
of his own tomorrow.