Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Los Caballos

I love to sit out in this great weather and watch the horse show
especially with my grandson, Tillman.

He loved everything about it.

He got to touch them

And then they brought out this little four year old boy
who he stood with the flag
completely still
while the horses rode around him.
They got very close to him.

Tillman was able to go out and hold his hand for the photo
and give him a little tip.
The little boy, Hector, slipped that money
into his pocket very quickly.

Tillman was wondering how he could get a job like this.
We had our trainers and trainees with us.
We love to give our new ones a taste of the 
Peruvian Culture.

Our office Elders always help us
carry the load while family is in town.
They are all Fantastic!

Thank you Elders... We Love You!

We hope that Myles and Kat are enjoying their excursion to 
Machu Picchu.  They will be blogging when they get back to Az.
It was such a blast to have them here with us.
So many fun memories we will have from Peru!