Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hyde and Merkley...

Oh, the places these feet have walked...

and the transportation they have taken...

and the places they have visited...

and the people they have talked to ...

and the families they have affected...

by declaring the truth to the world...
that the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ is upon the earth!

President Turk was out with Elder Hyde and Elder Merkley today.
The families they visited told some sweet stories.
One sister was converted 25 years ago.
Her husband was called as a Branch President to 
a very small group of people.
But she felt at that time she needed to work on sunday
so she was rarely with her husband at church.
The Mission President visited her and told her
to have faith.... close her bodega
and Keep the Sabbath Day Holy.
She followed his words and they were blessed 
with all they needed and so much more.

Another sister started to listen to the Gospel.
She loved it, believed it
and started to pay her tithing before she was baptized.
As she did this, her job as a seamstress increased
so much she couldn't keep up.
They were financially blessed beyond belief.
She knows that it was because of obedience 
to the law of the tithe.

If you question any of the principles of the Gospel,
try living them.

You too will see the blessings that come
through obedience to the laws and ordinances
of the Gospel.