Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Trujillo... with Family

Kat and Myles are already hard core Peruvian.
They look great in their chuyos.

After our church meetings today...
We went home, ate a great lunch made by President Turk
and then the babies and some of the bigger babies 
took a little nap.
When they all woke up we went to walk around the 
Plaza de Armas and Avenida Pizarro.

No matter where we go,
Tillman has to wear his missionary name tag
like his Mama T and Papa T.
It says President Turk on his tag 
so we call him the President of the Nursery.

I could take photos all day long of this...
people touching the baby.
You can see that Tillman does not like this.
That is why he stays up on top of his dad's shoulders.

This beautiful baby is not only pretty,
she has the sweetest disposition ever.
Oh, I am so thankful that I could be with her for this 
short time at this fun stage in her life.
It's my favorite.

Whoa... Like father, like son.

This photo is taken in the Plaza de Armas where 
we have our Christmas Program.
If you look carefully at the tall statue, you will see that 
after they designed it, it was taller than the 
Christ statue on the Catholic Church
so they made the sculptor shorten it by making the legs smaller.
The statue has a big torso... with tiny legs.

The Christ statue is on the yellow church
in between the clock tower and the bell tower.

We went by the Temple grounds which is still a big dirt field.
Nothing has started yet.
We love to go next door and walk around
on the beautiful cemetery grounds.

They really keep it up nice.
When I need a little Sacred Grove
I come here.  

We have had a glorious day...
Tomorrow we are with some of our missionaries.