Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, July 2, 2012

Beach Volley and Huaca del Sol y la Luna

 We started a fun preparation day with the family and two zones
of missionaries at the Beach for some volleyball.

If you hold a cute baby the Hermanas will come running.

And President loves to hold his Penny Girl.

And kiss her til she cries.
We have to get a lot of kisses in this week
to last us another year.

Parker and Hali were the coaches to the Laureles team.

Laureles Zone came to play.

Kat and Myles were coaching the Palermo Zone...
The games were close and went back and forth.
It was a big deal because there were shirts involved.

But in the end...
Palermo Zone won the prize.
Kat and Myles pulled out the victory.

And it was sweet to see the Zone Leaders so gracious about the win.

They all  look good in white... no?
Congrats Palermo!

Tillman was still wearing his missionary tag
and hanging out with Papa T.

Tillman really feels like one of the big missionaries.
He wouldn't leave their sides.
He was a part of every huddle and every game.

Papa brought him a crab.
He Didn't really like that too much.

Second half of the day was at the Huaca ruins with the 
Central Zone.

Myles, Kat, Parker, Hali, Tillman and the President 
had a great time with Central Zone.
It is always an interesting tour at the Huacas.
I was able to stay home and play with my sweet grand daughter Penny.
It really was one of the best afternoons ever!