Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 29, 2012

They Made It!

Little synopsis of the day...

After traveling to LA yesterday afternoon at 5
They flew through the night to Lima...
Then Lima to Trujillo...
They landed here in Trujillo today at 3.

Long trip for adults... way too long for  the littles.
But the children were excellent.
And they made it.

We got them home, fed, bathed, open gifts like christmas,
and took a stroll in the park before bedtime.
They will catch up on their sleep tonight...
and then bring on the fun.

Little Penny let me cover  her in lipstick kisses.
I think their is a photo of me 
wiping them off.

Tillman fell asleep on Papa T's head
while Papa was carrying him on his shoulders.
This was an exciting day!