Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Culinary School?

Zone Leaders were in for some deep training today.

Our three Assistants are almost down to two,
But before Elder Wright leaves
He is going out with a bang...

Well, a culinary delightful bang...
The three Assistants taught a great lesson using a baking demonstration.
There is not a faster way into a missionary's mind
than through his stomach.
Focus Elders... Focus!

Elder Prebe had to make Brownies without a recipe or help.
He was a talented egg cracker using only one hand,
but fancy egg cracking got him...

Some laughter from these Elders and ...

... some pretty crummy brownies.
Elder Brian made his brownies using the recipe and 
some brownie-making experts at his side.
They turned out fabulous.
There was a beautiful point to this lesson.
I think you can figure it out.

**Here's a Little News Flash**

Elder Arena has been an exceptional leader in our mission.
Every area he has been assigned has flourished.

Elder Retamal has been the same way.  They are both outstanding leaders
and very successful in their callings.

Elder Retamal and Elder Arena
have been assigned as Traveling Assistants to the President
for their last six weeks in the mission.

They will be heading out to different areas in the mission
to share their knowledge, Lead with Love
and Lift those they are with.

Elder Olivares is our only new Zone Leader until Changes next week.
We were thrilled to have him with us 
in the Council today.
He will be such a great asset.

All of the Zone Leaders make our calling so enjoyable.

We feed off of their strength and their determination to do what is right.  
Thank you dear Zone Leaders...
Les Amamos!