Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update on Elder Mario Castro

Elder Mario Castro has had quite the
unique mission experience.

He is from Guatemala.
He was called to serve in Trujillo
here with us.

Ten years ago his mother had filed papers to 
immigrate to the United States 
to be with family there.

After Elder Castro had been serving here for a while
the paperwork came and they were going to 
have the opportunity to go to the US
but only if they went all together.

So Salt Lake sent him home to Guatemala
to serve there in his local mission
so that he could finish all the paperwork
and get ready to move to the US.

The plan was after they moved to the States
he would be reassigned to a mission in the States.

It was difficult to let him go.
We absolutely loved him and knew that he would
be a great leader for this mission.

But we understood and said goodbye.

This is the amazing part of this story.
The paperwork never panned out.
His family could never leave to the United States.
He is still serving in the Guatemalan mission
which is where he is from.
He has been serving there for over a year.
We could have had him here with us this whole time...

There are always reasons for these changes.

He is the Assistant to the President in Guatemala.
His two years came to an end
and the President asked him to please extend 
for another month for some big transitions going on.

He of course accepted but got permission to go 
say goodbye to his brother who was leaving 
on his mission to Nicaragua.  
He saw his family... said goodbye to his brother
and now he is back in the mission for another month.

Good for you Elder Castro.
We are so proud of you.  
Thank you for keeping in touch with us.
You will always be our missionary first.
We Love You!