Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, June 11, 2012

Crying Headache... Ouch!

It's that time again... twelve more of my children
going out into the real world.
That is what makes me cry the most!
I will miss them, but I really just don't want
the world to cave in on any of them.

I know that every one of these missionaries will do us proud.
They are ready to go to the next step in their lives...

We have parents that have travelled far to come pick
up their missionary sons.  Fun!
Elder Farnsworth's parents came from Texas.
We found out on the family tree that our Great Grandfathers
are brothers.  We are third cousins.
Welcome Ya'll...  I love my new cousins!

Elder Wright's parents came from Oregon.
This is their baby.  They have picked up all of their sons
from their missions.  How great is that.
Missions are life changing experiences.
To be a part of the missionary's transition is a great opportunity.

What do I do without them?
I Cry...

I would like to thank all of the mothers of my missionaries
for letting me have the privilege of 
serving with and sharing their children.
I love each and every one of them.

Elder Wright is still performing his duties
right down to the last second.
He made sure that his herd was all aboard
and counted for.

It's difficult to express thanks to those that have
been right at our side every day for the past six months.
Our Assistants do not have it easy.
They work so hard and will do anything and everything
to make the mission run as smoothly as possible.

 Elder Wright has been fantastic 
and he has been my voice for the past six months too.
This is a thankless job.  I will miss him like crazy.

But...  the mission is a big revolving door.
Goodbyes have to happen.

It seems like right when the missionaries are in their stride...
It's time to go home.

We picked up 8 new missionaries tonight.
I will post everything about them tomorrow.

Goodbye my dear missionaries... You are etched in my heart forever!