Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, June 25, 2012

Another First...

President Turk and I 
spoke at a fireside last night in Lima
and we didn't have to leave our home
and I didn't have to wear my shoes.

We did it via Skype from President's home office
to a Stake group of young men and women preparing for missions.

Elder Diego Albines was one of our missionaries before the 
division of our mission.
He was one of my Cajamarca Cowboys that was 
split off from us.
He finished his mission with President Risso
in Chiclayo.

Now he is home and involved in this class for 
young men and women getting ready for their missions.

He is so sweet and called and asked what we thought
about connecting via Skype to this group
and we were happy to do whatever we could 
for Elder Albines.

We Love Him.
It was difficult to let any of our missionaries go to the other mission
but especially Elder Albines.
He was a great leader and fantastic missionary.

Thank you Elder Albines...  I loved this opportunity to testify
with out my shoes on.  ahhhhhhhhh!