Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Our day started with knee surgery.
We had to get Elder Veléz knee cleaned up.
He will be back out before you know it.
This was a quick fix not a 6 to 9 week knee thing.

Then we finally got to spend time with Elder Quall's mother, Barbara.
She came in on Tuesday morning and they were heading to Chimbote
to spend a couple of days there first.
But her luggage was lost in Mexico.
They waited all day for the luggage and then went down to Chimbote.
They came back to Trujillo this morning
and we had a nice lunch with them at Squallos.
They are having quite the adventure.
I am so happy she came.
They will never forget this trip.

They are heading to Cusco and Machu Picchu too.
It's fun to have your son all to yourself
before he gets home and he's out in the real world again.

President Turk went out to work this afternoon
and I am heading back to the hospital...
Looks like we are having an appendectomy at 4:00.

I will post more later.

PS - Thank you Elder Wright for your stack of referrals
while traveling around with your parents.
You are the Best!

Elder Merida was a very nice patient when he came out of surgery.
He told us that he loved us all so many times.
He also spoke a lot more English than any of us had ever heard.
Wow... Incredible medicine.
They removed his appendix and everything went smoothly.
Elder Veléz was getting antsy in the hospital after his knee surgery.
Today both of the patients were delivered to their places of recovery
and they should be up and running soon.  Yes!