Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Elder Reyes and Elder Pimentel

 Another missionary outing with the President today.
Elder Reyes is from Guatemala and
Elder Pimentel is from Bolivia.

They taught several great lessons this afternoon.
But one of my favorite stories from today
was when they went to teach their pensionsta.
Their pensionista is a non-member 
which is very strange... because these women are not paid
to prepare and feed these missionaries every day.
It is a church calling.
The Elders pay for the food but not for the
time and effort and sacrifice 
of the pensionista.

She has been attending church regularly for a while now
and her eleven year old son 
has been baptized.
But she has not been able to be baptized yet...

...because she is not legally married.
She is working on it with all her heart.
It's not easy to convince a partner that this 
is important and imperative 
when this is how it has been done here for generations.  
Marriage is a hassle and it costs money to most Peruvians.
But the father has said that they can be married.
Now they are patiently waiting on pins and needles.

Thank you sweet sister for feeding these missionaries.
You are receiving blessings already!

And the missionaries say that she is the best cook
they have ever had in the mission.