Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mission Prep...

President Turk and the Assistants Elder Vera and Elder Mecham
 were invited to be the guest lecturers at 
Missionary Prep class at the Institute 
in downtown Trujillo last night.

There were between 80 and 90 young men and women there.

It's a great time to shed some light on 
what we really expect from our new missionaries 
and what are the most important things
they can be doing to prepare
for their missions.

They also get them to start practicing. This is huge.
You have got to be comfortable talking
to others about the
Greatest message on Earth!

And this is the key...
You really must know that this is the greatest message
and that it is a privilege and blessing to share it with others.
Get excited about it!
Pray that you can feel our Savior's love for YOU.
This is the greatest motivation that you can have.