Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, June 15, 2012

Elders Levos and Acuña

President Turk was out in the field yesterday with 
Elder Levos and Elder Acuña.
Another unbelievable opportunity to be with his Elders that he loves
and to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ....  that he loves.

They had three great lessons with investigators.
All very unique and sweet.
The first lesson they taught a single mom 
who kept her home so nice and clean.
She listened carefully.   There was a strong spirit there
and she said that she truly felt it.
But the special thing about her was this beautiful bright son that she had.
He was young but kept asking all these questions.
The President told the mother that he was special
and needed the Gospel in his life to direct his great spirit.
She is coming to church this sunday.

The second lesson they were returning to a man 
that had been taking the lessons and had gone to church several times.  
He is ready to be baptized
but is first heading to Lima for some surgery.
The missionaries had already given him a blessing the day before.
He has 30 grandchildren.  When he is baptized 
he will become the example for his whole family to follow.

The third lesson they were teaching a young family...
the husband was working but the mother of four children
was listening and was absolutely loving the lesson.
She was an Evangelical.
So when the missionaries started to talk about the 
Book of Mormon
she immediately closed her mind.
There is nothing but the BIBLE!

We believe in and love the Bible...

But with the Bible there are so many interpretations and mistranslations
and Religions confessing this and that.
Who is right... 

A young boy who loved the Bible
was reading and studying this beautiful book.
 He wanted to know the truth and which church to join

so when he read a verse in James that said...

"If any of you lack wisdom
let him ask of God
who giveth to all men liberally
and upbraideth not"
(James 1:5)

He decided to Ask.
And this he did!
Our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ 
told this young boy of 14
that the truth was not here in its fullest form.

The Lord has given us more.
The Book of Mormon...
Another Testament of Jesus Christ
that goes hand in hand with the Bible.

If any of YOU lack wisdom then
He will let you know
by the power of the Holy Ghost
if this is True.

We have done this and testify that it is true!
By the way, this woman said that she will read the 
Book of Mormon and pray about it.

That's all you have to do...
Sincerely ask... He will answer.