Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, June 11, 2012

Tight Knit Group...

As we were saying goodbye to our missionaries tonight at the airport...
Elder Qualls was supposed to be on this flight,
But his mother is coming in the morning to be with him
for a few days here and then they are heading to 
Machu Picchu... (so are the Farnsworths and Wrights)
So he grabbed the sign for the new Elders that had just landed.
He said he always wanted to be in the office 
and hold the sign.
Fish, Fish he got his wish on his last day of the mission.

Elder Brito and Elder Llatance
that were getting on the flight to leave....
had a large group come to say goodbye to them
from one of their areas.

After this group said goodbye to these Elders...
they stayed and cheered on the new Elders that were just arriving.

I wonder what the new Elders thought when they saw this mob.
They must have felt like celebrities or something.

Here's a sneak peek at our new ones.
I will tell you all about them tomorrow.

The sweet people that came to the airport all packed in one combi
and made it a fun ward activity.

This is a tight knit group... Right?

Thanks for your support Barrio Tumi.