Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Avenida Pizarro

President Turk and I went walking down Avenida Pizarro yesterday
to buy a few items for thank you gifts.
It's a cute street that they have closed off for pedestrian traffic only.

It has some great shops, fun architecture 
and look at these huge wooden doors...
I love them!

The street starts right off the Plaza de Armas.

And then... I spy with my little eye
Something special...
Can you see?

Two very familiar looking white shirts...

Yep, sure enough it was the Zone Leaders in the Central Zone.
This is their area.
It is one of their main thorough fairs that they walk a lot.

Elder Brian and Elder Saldivia...
Always fun to run into our missionaries
out working hard and changing lives.

These two are great missionary leaders and examples.
Keep up the great work!