Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lunch in Huanchaco

President and I went to the beach for lunch.
We heard that the schools of anchovy were in the bay
and hundreds of birds were diving.

And they were there.
The birds were everywhere.

And so were the local fishermen.
We love to watch the men head out in their Reed Ponies.  
These are the small reed boats that date back to pre- inca age.
They are shaped like a surf board for easy maneuvering. 

They are called Artisan fishermen 
They are small scale, low tech, traditional, throw nets... 
and they sell their catch to the local restauranteurs and families.

We were at one of the best restaurants on the beach.
But Neither the President nor I ate seafood.
This restaurant is known for their Ceviche.
The missionaries are not allowed to eat Ceviche.
There are too many sicknesses associated with 
this raw fish preparation.

We are from Arizona... We didn't grow up eating seafood.
We are landlocked.  No fresh fish in Az.
When I was young,
I had the occasional fish sticks when my parents were going
out for the evening.  That's it!