Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mieles, Davila, Soto, Morales

Tuesday, when President Turk was out teaching with
Elder Mieles and Elder Davila
they taught a woman who had
been to church five times.
Her concern was that there wasn't a professional
preacher giving the sermons in church.
She thought it needed a little more spice, maybe some
professional musicians.

Funny, because I think that is one of the great things about 
the church...  No paid clergy.  Fantastic!

President Turk talked to her about receiving a witness
if this is the true church that is directed 
by the Savior.
When you receive that witness
then you will understand that we are all 
growing and developing through callings in the church.
She is going to focus on receiving an answer to her prayers.
Old traditions are hard to break.

The picture above is of the Chinese Food Restaurant
that we always go to after we have a 
group of missionaries leave us.
It's the bottom floor of the little hotel.
The people that work there think I am 
very emotionally disturbed or very depressed
because I always shed a few tears there.
This restaurant was in the area 
that President and the Elders were teaching in yesterday.

 Elder Mieles and Elder Davila are excellent missionaries.
We love having them in the office with us too.

Today President was out with Elder Soto and Elder Morales
in Esperanza.

They went to teach one of their investigators and he wasn't home
but his older brother was there.
They asked if he would listen to a message...
He declined and said he didn't have time.
The missionaries were very persuasive... they wouldn't let up.
They told him they would be very short.
He agreed.  They taught a very powerful lesson.
This young man was impressed and felt the truth.
He wants to know more.
He said he was looking for something to give him
meaning and direction.  
He is so thankful that they were so eager
to share the Gospel with him.
Now three brothers and their mother
are all taking the lessons in that home.

Missionaries bless peoples lives and they bless our lives incredibly.
Les Amamos!