Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Unusual Blog Post...

Here is a sneak peek at some of the things that I don't 
usually blog about 
during a week in the mission.

*One Missionary diagnosed with Tuberculosis
has been in isolation for over two weeks and is not contagious any more
but is still finishing his treatment... 
All those near him were tested and cleared. Yippee!

*Three men jumped a companionship
but chose the wrong ones to mess with ... everyone is okay
No punches thrown... Congratulations!

*One Missionary had to return home to take care of
some unfinished business... Sad but important!

*One of our missionaries lost his dear grandmother
this week.  This news is always hard to receive.  We are so sorry.

*Emergency changes this week include a little disobedience
and an arguing companionship and a friendly admirer.  Really?

*There were a few moving into different apartments and
some finding new pensionistas.  Constantly.

*We had a financial audit in the office this week...
Elder Cook passed with flying colors... We knew he would. 

*There was knee surgery and therapy, constipation, enemas, headaches,
diarrhea,  jammed finger,  X-rays, blood tests, stomach cramps and flu,
cyst removed under an eye, stitches removed from appendix surgery, 
medicine delivered, medicine taken, clinic visits... etc, etc, etc.

*The only hair stylist I trust now got into a physical fight with a friend
and his hand is swollen and has a lot of stitches.
He is recovering for 10 days to two weeks.
I really needed a haircut before my kids came. Darn!

*Special calls to Salt Lake to our In Field Representative (IFR)
dealing with sensitive issues.

*Local Mini Missionaries filling in for those coming and going with sickness
and emergencies and going home... We appreciate the Minis.

All of this and a whole lot more....
It's all good and part of the experience that we call...

The Sweetest Days We Will Know!