Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Surprise! Let Me Check Your Room...

While the President is sitting in on District Meetings...
I always grab the missionaries keys and head out
with my posse to check 
their rooms.

Today we were with the Porvenir Zone....
Elders: Chacon, Russell, Lobaton, Alva, Merida, Astill, Sumi, Zarian
Ramos, Fackrell, Calisaya, and Ramos II.
Zone Leaders in the back are Elders Lopez and Berroteran
Of course our Assistants Elders Mecham and Vera are with the President.

I won't tell you whose rooms we visited.
But we found this giant poster on one of the walls.

 I caught my posse,
 Elder Richards, Elder Cook and Elder Lopez (Rocky)  
getting into Elder Zarian's candy from home.
They think it's a perk of their job. 
They didn't really eat anything Elder Zarian.
But next time they were hoping your mom would send 
some sour patch kids or starbursts.

Sometimes it is tricky finding all the apartments
but I'm pretty sure that this is the right place...
What do you think?

I love to see the little critters that live with our missionaries.
They are always just sitting among 
all the missionary paraphernalia.
They make me smile.

Our latin missionaries are learning English too.
Here is a prayer written out in Spanish and English
but the best is the green pronunciation guides.
This also makes me smile.

Now in this bathroom you step down a large step into the shower.
Your head is already touching the ceiling 
while you shower
So when you step up out of the shower,
your head has to hang sideways to brush your teeth
and shave etc...
It's kind of like camping.
We are looking for a better room for these missionaries
right now.  In some areas it is hard to find 
the perfect living space.

This apartment has a room with a view.
This is one of the nicer streets that you will 
find our missionaries living on.

Great job today Elders.... Keep those rooms nice and clean.
I am coming to your area soon...