Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Father's Interviews

Ross Nash Farnsworth - My Dad
(a photo of him relaxing at the cabin enjoying the grandkids)

Photo courtesy of Melissa Kay

Happy Fathers Day...
I Love You!

I love this picture of my Dad.
He is always happy.  He is fun to be around.
I spoke a little about my dad today in Stake Conference.
I told them that I was grateful for a father
who taught me the Gospel by living the Gospel.
I told them that he was always worthy
to give me a priesthood blessing 
at any time in my life...

My dad use to give each of his children
individual interviews once a month
to see how we were doing, 
to catch up on our goals and activities, 
to see if we were happy
and how we were growing spiritually.
We always ended in prayer
and a kiss and a hug.
I felt special and loved.
My dad has 12 children.
These interviews were a necessity for him to 
keep up with all of us
on our comings and goings.

But President Turk kept this tradition
with our children.
We only have two children...
but these interviews were very special to him
and to our children.
Fathers who preside over their families in righteousness 
are my heroes.
Fathers who use their Priesthood to protect their 
homes from evil... make me happy.
The adversary in pounding on the door and Fathers need
to stand firm and committed in everything they say and do.
Fathers, set the pattern of family prayer, family scripture study,
family home evenings, church attendance and activity and Temple attendance.
This is the best gift you can ever give your children and grandchildren.

Thank you Dad.  You have given me the best gift ever...
living a life centered around our Savior.

And thank you Terry for being the best father ever 
to our children.
I love you!