Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eight is Great!

The Fun has Arrived!

I told you that the mission is a big revolving door for me.
Every six weeks it starts to spin and somebody new appears.
They become a part of our lives forever.
Today I became acquainted with all 8 of the new missionaries...
And I LOVE them.

After orientation, we had lunch at the mission home.
President then went to train the trainers
and I played games and got to know the new ones.
They are a little shocked by my enthusiastic, competitive spirit.
It helps us bond quickly.

After games they tell me something unusual about themselves
or something special so that I can really get to know them.
I love this part of the day.

Every one of these missionaries will be an asset to our mission.

Here are the new ones with their trainers and new areas...

Elder Hoyos is training Elder Espinoza from Peru
and they are working in Huaráz

Elder Chicche is training Elder Vera from Lima
and they are working in Chao.

Elder Bulmini from Uruguay is training Elder Ferreira from Chile
and they are in Chimbote.

Elder Canaan is training Elder Palomino from Peru
and they are in Laureles in Trujillo.

Elder Rodriguez is training Elder Martinez from Bolivia
and they are in Esperanza.

Elder Reyes from Guatemala is training Elder Pimentel from Bolivia
and they are working in Trujillo.

Elder Iler is training Elder Robles from Chile
and they are serving in Paijan.

And lastly Elder Dickerson is training Elder Johnson from Utah
and they are working in Casa Grande

These trainers will be fantastic.  They are really outstanding missionaries.
Welcome New Ones!

*photos by Elder Richards...  Muchas Gracias!