Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pure Love and Service...

President Turk was out with Elder Mendoza and Elder Smith
this afternoon.  They had many successful teaching experiences.
This is one of the young men in the ward that is getting 
ready to serve a mission.

After they finished teaching several lessons, visiting the Bishop, 
finding some less actives, and making contacts... 
they stopped by a bodega to get a gatorade.
President Turk looked at the woman behind the counter and said...
"You've seen Elders like this before around here, right?"
She said... "Yes of course... In fact, there were two here about seven
years ago that saved my store from a big flood.
They came and sand bagged my store so that all the water 
went around it.  I was so thankful to them."

President Turk asked her if she had ever found out what they believed.
She said that she wasn't ready at that time.
And then President said...
"Are you ready now?"
She said, "Yes, please come by Saturday morning.
I will be waiting here for the Elders."

The Elders that saved her store seven years ago
did a beautiful thing.
They helped an elderly woman save her livelihood and 
they didn't want anything in return.
They just truly wanted to show love and service to others.
People choose to listen to the message or not...  Our job is to represent
the Savior in everything we say and do.
This is by far the greatest job on Earth!

Thank you Elders in Intendencia.  You are Fantastic!
and a big thank you to the Elders that sandbagged her store!