Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, October 20, 2011

4 more Visas and 4 more Missionaries.. YES!

We have 4 more of OUR Missionaries.  
We are so happy!
They have been waiting for Visas while serving in other missions.
I didn't want them getting too comfortable somewhere else.
They belong with us... right here.

We have from left to right...

Elder Whitelock, Elder McMullin, Elder Felt, and Hermana Petherbridge 
and then of course the President and the Assistants.

They are all North Americans.  This is the first time that I have heard the 
President give his talk about the Temple in English.  

We picked them up at 5:00 this evening.
We went straight to the Temple grounds on the way home.
They will eat Pizza with the office Elders.
and then they are all heading out to work tonight
with some great missionaries.
Tomorrow they will have orientation and training
and testimonies and then we will put them with their trainers in their areas.
I will post each of them with Companions and Areas tomorrow.

Below President is giving them the description and layout of the Temple,
the Hostal, the Chapel, and the Temple President's home.

It still looks like this big piece of land.
No signs of construction yet.  We are told it will start in January.
But we are in Peru and there are things that come up.

We are still very excited to watch them start building this.
Another Holy House of the Lord.

Isn't it Beautiful!
I love this building.
And I love our new Missionaries.
Welcome To Trujillo.