Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Griff's Birthday!

It's Griffin Turk Watts birthday today.
He is two.
He had his party on Saturday
but Grandpa Dean Turk came and played with him all morning.

He brought him a race track.
What is more appropriate than 
Grandpa Dean the Professional Race Car Driver
bringing his great grandson some dragsters.
President Turk's father was a professional race car driver.
He used to drive the long nosed dragsters that would go
really fast in a short strip of track.
The car would use a parachute to help it stop.
One time when he was racing the parachute didn't open
and he was in a serious accident.
This kept him from racing on the weekends.
And then he started to go to church with his family.
and this brought the missionaries to him
and Yes... He was baptized.

Thanks Grandpa Dean
and Happy Birthday again to Griffin.
He has celebrated for a week
with something fun every single day.

We Love Griffin!  and Great Grandpa Turk!