Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Memories from a 12 year old boy...

President took some of the office Elders and met up 
with these missionaries is Esperanza and went out to work.

President was out with the Zone Leaders - Elder Cosigua and Elder Barinas.

Elders:  Andersen, Facer, Arteaga, Mendoza, Cosiqua, 
Barinas, Marquez, Oyarzun, Fajardo, Román

President said they took a bus, then a combi, which is a van crammed with
people and animals and then they took a collectivo...
which is a car that you just
squish as many people in as you can for less money.
It was the only transportation to where they were going.
President locks his car in the church parking lot.

This is one of the sweet stories from the President's visits.

They went to teach a young family.
The father said that when he was about 12 years old
he listened to the missionaries with his family when they 
lived in Cajamarca.  He loved everything they taught.
He felt the spirit tell him it was true even at the young age of twelve.
But for some reason or another his family never joined the church.

Now he lives in Esperanza and has a family of his own.
He has a wife and two sons and a daughter.
He was talking to his wife about how he wants to raise
his children correctly to grow up to be great young men and women.
He told her that he still remembers being taught by some
Mormon Missionaries when he was young.
He said that they focus on the family.
His wife said that she had seen some missionaries
not too long ago and that she would look for them.

The next day.... this couple ran into Elder Elmer and Elder Wallace.

These Elders weren't in this families area but they took down their
names and turned them over to the Zone Leaders.
The Zone Leaders went to visit them and taught them
 and set up another appointment for today.  
President Turk was so happy to be
there with this family and teach them and invite them to be baptized.
And yes they accepted.  They will finish reading the Book of Mormon 
and start attending church.
President Turk and I will be going to this 
baptism for sure.  I love when people are searching for a better life.

"Ask and ye shall receive... Seek and ye shall find"
Did you know that this is found in the scriptures over 120 times.
I think we are supposed to do it!