Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Sister Julie...

It's my sister Julie's Birthday...
She won't answer the phone today so I will put her on the blog.

She has been my mentor for a lot of things including being a
 full time missionary.

They served in Uruguay from 2006-2009.
And everything they told us was exciting and great.
And they were right.
They actually got off the plane from being gone
for 3 years and said they would turn around and do it again.
And now I understand.
There is nothing as fulfilling as serving the Lord,
working with the missionaries and 
seeing lives change.

We took a trip to Uruguay to see them while they were serving.
 We took their daughter April, who had just
returned from serving in Spain and their son Preston, who had just served in 
Mexico.  We went down with our children too.
They also had a son serving in the
exact same mission that they were called to.  
So below is a picture I took when we were with them.
This is my sister Julie, their son Ben who served in 
the same mission with them 
and then their daughter April,   Julie's husband Fred, 
and their son Preston.

They have eight children who have all served Missions.
Annie their youngest is 15 but she went with them to Uruguay
and so we are counting that.  She has their great mission blood...
She just might serve another one too when she is old enough.

Julie, Happiest birthday.  Thanks for everything,
I'm pretty sure that she doesn't read my blog
so someone tell her I wished her a great day.