Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last Day of Mission Tour!

Elder Waddell ended the mission tour in Huaraz.
They had a great conference today with all of these Missionaries.
Much easier to find your missionary (Waldo)  in this group.

Here are the Zone Leaders in Huaraz...
We count on them a lot because they are the furthest away from us.
Elder Romero and Elder Farnsworth
thank you for your leadership.

Elder Del Aguila  and Elder Arriola

Elder Reyes and Elder Chun

Hermana McVey and Hermana Cornelio

Hermana Coronel and Hermana Mendoza

Elder Zapata and Elder Canaan

Elder Waddell found out that his son-in-law is first cousins to Elder Richards

Elder Richards and Elder Fuentealba are companions.

This young man in the middle is the Ward Mission Leader.
He is preparing to leave on his mission soon.
We have 7 missionaries that are waiting for visas to come...  
Good news we have heard that they are coming on Tuesday.

Elder Mieles and Elder Mikesell

Elder Gutierrez and Elder Leon

And of course our trusty Assistants 
Elder Andersen and Elder Llatance
We love you all!

We love Elder Waddell too. 
 The Mission Tour was a great experience for everyone.
These men do not have it easy.  We took him to the airport
and he was catching a flight the next day to Colombia.

Thank you so much Elder Waddell.
It was an amazing conference that we have all grown from.