Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Unfortunate but Prepared...

 Yesterday we had a couple of our missionaries that got robbed.  A hooded man jumped out and made them hand over their backpacks and any belongings.  They were not harmed at all.  And the best thing about this experience is that they were prepared for this kind of scenario.

Our missionaries are taught to never put up a fight.  
They never carry money or items worth anything with them.  
They have a few soles with them for travel.  
They even carry their backpacks so they can drop them quickly 
or slide them off easily if someone is grabbing at them. 

The Stake President in that area got on the local radio show and told everyone what happened.  
He plead with the people to please help him protect these special missionaries 
that are coming here to help us.  They come from other countries.  
He told everyone that they don't make money from missionary work.  
They don't have money with them.  
They are doing the Lord's work and helping the community.
The Leaders of the Church there have now taken a big interest in anyone 
that is going to hurt or slow up our missionaries work.

We want everyone to know that our missionaries 
have nothing with them of value except their scriptures.  
They are both sick about losing their
personal Bibles and Books of Mormon.

They had pamphlets in their backpacks
 that they hope the robber will read.

That would be a great ending to this story wouldn't it.
"Thief baptized by the Missionaries he was robbing"

I thought the radio show was a fantastic idea.
Thank you Stake President for taking such an active role 
with the safety of our sweet missionaries.