Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trainers and Trainees... So Fun!

We love to get our new ones together again
after they have been in the mission for about a month.
They can really ask the right questions now and listen for 
answers that they need.
They are hungry for information at this point.

We had a great morning of teaching...

Learning, Singing, Listening...

 Practicing, Visiting, Sharing Experiences...
Some of the experiences included slip sliding in the mud, some unfortunate vomiting in awkward places and Latina girls
checking out the Gringos a little too close for comfort.
There was a lot of  Laughing, a little Crying, 
and a deep study of the Gospel.

And of course a little time for eating.
The office staff is still getting creative with the juice boxes.
They served McDonald's for Lunch
and maybe they are thinking of adding
Escargot for our next meeting.
Elder Glasgow is playing with the snails he found 
while we were 
waiting for McDonalds.

We usually play Paper- Rock- Scissors for
the Leftovers... But today we played
Listo..... Cae!

Another very fun elimination game!

They take this very serious... Extra Quarter Pounder 
with Cheese and French Fries
is highly desired around here!

The first round Elder Llatance won.... 
The crowds were not happy about the Assistant winning.

But in the next two rounds the Hermanas took it.
Hermana AvendaƱo won the second round
and Hermana Petherbridge took the third round.

Oh the little joys of food and competition!

Great day with all of you...  Preach the Gospel with the Spirit!