Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Night... Please let's stay home!

Look at my han..scummm date for Friday Night.
He is completely pooped after our Mission Tour... 
(how will that translate?)  
And then he had to try to catch up today with 
everything he missed while he was gone.

He has invited our missionaries to read the Book of Mormon 
with him and finish it by Christmas.

So tonight I think he was trying to finish 
his reading assignment for today.

The sweetest thing was that he invited all of our returned
missionaries to read with us too.

We just created a Trujillo Mission Group on Facebook 
that has only our returned missionaries... 
So President and I can get on and 
leave messages and catch up with only them.

We love it.

Anyway, he invited those that are a part of this group to read with us
 and he got a great response from all of them too.

The page lit up with 

We will do it President!
Lo Haremos Presidente!

So Sweet....  I Cried
But what's new?

We love and miss all of you.... Thank you!

Queremos que todos los misioneros retornados 
de la misión Perú Trujillo 2010 - 2013
se inscriban como parte de nuestro grupo en Facebook