Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pure Joy!

When I think about my life and the decisions that I have made,
I am so thankful that I have had 
the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
to direct me and teach me that I am a child of God, 
and that the decisions we make every day really matter
and that the most important things in life aren't things.

They are these little ones.
And of course the bigger ones that gave
birth to these little ones.

My Children and Grandchildren are the Light of my Life.
And that is why I am here in Perú.
Our family has been gloriously blessed by the Gospel and I want everyone to
know about it,  love it and live it and reap the magnificent blessings.

I keep reminding my missionaries of the generations
that they are affecting as they teach the Gospel.
Each person that they teach and their posterities 
will have the opportunity to make and keep binding covenants.
Every decision that my missionaries are making today
affect so many lives here and those that are to come...
including their own children and posterity.

President Turk just talked about Lehi's Dream in this last conference. 
(Book of Mormon  1 Nephi chapter 8)
In this dream, the iron rod represents the Word of God.
President had a couple of his missionaries feel
and handle iron rods in their hands.
Then he had them close their eyes and feel different 
kinds of bars and rods. 
Of course it was easy for them to decipher between the different items... 
Just as it is to decipher between the worldly noise 
and the word of the Lord.

There is a clear and right choice that we should choose always.
It you don't follow this path and hold onto the iron rod,
 there will be unhappiness.
You can easily get sucked into the darkness and addictions 
and the pride of the world.
We have a loving Savior that has made it possible 
for us to repent and be clean.
But we are free to choose our destination.

We have to ask for direction and then be still and listen.
The still small voice will ring loud and clear
and teach us what is right and good for each one of us.
He can give us strength.  He can help us break addictions, He can give 
guidance and answers.  He can give us peace that we long for.
He will testify of Truth.
The Gospel is true and it is glorious.
I know this with all my heart!
We are Blessed by it Every Single Day.

I have seen it change and help and lift many 
families and individuals.

People are counting on us.
Generations are praying for us.
Our actions affect many, many people
 that have come before us 
and those that will come after us.

Choose the Right!

~ CTR ~

I love you Tillman, Griffin, Walker and Penny...
 Parker, Hali, Molly and Landon.
Our Beautiful Family!

The Terry and Janet Turk Family
~ Forever and Ever ~