Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Our Ducks Are In A Row...

Well, all our new ones are in a row...
On the Temple Grounds.


We had orientation and a visit to the Temple Grounds in the Morning...

In the afternoon we had Testimonies and Meetings with the trainers.
And here are the new ones with their Trainers.

Elder Wilkinson will be training
Elder Cook from Spanish Fork, Utah

Elder Canaan will be training
Elder Zapata from Lima, Peru

Elder Elmer will be training
Elder Wallace from Costa Rica

Elder Quiroz is training
Elder Ramos from Puno, Peru

Elder Berroteran is training
Elder Pesantes from Chiclayo, Peru

Elder Bingham is training
Elder May from Heyborn, Idaho

Elder Frietz is training
Elder Massey from North Carolina

Elder Morales is training
Elder Lobaton from Oruro, Bolivia

Elder Delafuente is training
Elder Ipi from Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Elder Saldivia is training
Elder Hendrix from Fallon, Nevada

Elder Serrano is training
Elder Guymon from Frankfort, Illinois

Elder Martinez is training
Elder Flansberg from Carson City, Nevada

 Elder Herrera is training
Elder Cerpa from Santiago, Chile

Elder Shaw is training
Elder Camarena from Haunuco, Peru

Elder Fajardo is training
Elder Arteaga from Trinidad, Bolivia

Hermana Parque is training
Hermana Shearman from Vail, Arizona

Hermana Bigler is training
Hermana Pillco from Lima, Peru

Hermana Ortiz is training
Hermana Lujan from La Paz, Bolivia

Hermana Lamas is training
Hermana Jackson from Greenwood, Indiana

Hermana Mendoza is training
Hermana Coronel from Mendoza, Argentina

This new group is very talented.  They are going to be a huge asset to this mission.
Parents... We will take good care of them
so that they can serve with all their heart, might, mind and strength.

Welcome to the Best Mission in the World!