Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Monday, October 3, 2011

Nos Vemos.... We Love You!

These individual photos were taken today at the Mission Home
while these precious Missionaries 
were giving their final thoughts
and testimonies.

Each one of these Missionaries
will be a part of our lives forever.
Ebmeyer, Erickson, Bennett. Pacchioni

 Santiago, Barja, Gomez, Reyna

 Takishita, Chacaltana, Gricius, Astoyauri

 Jones, Rivera, Morales, Castro

Weathers, Ralph, De Leon, Cayhuan

When we were taking the group shot, I told them to get into position...
 I think that Gricius and Weathers
were tired of being in the back,
So I started taking a bunch of photos
and pretty soon
Elder Jones came out from the house.
He had missed being in all the photos
so we had to start over.

They pretty much abused Elder Jones like he was Gumby.
(you don't know Gumby, do you?) 


Then back in the house for our last Prayer...

We loaded up the bus and they were back at the airport
where it all started just two years ago...

Now it seems like yesterday.

Here are a bunch of the missionaries pensionistas and 
ward members coming to say goodbye.

Another top notch group on their way back home.
Each one of them struggling to say
Goodbye to the experience of a lifetime...
One that they will refer to often
for the rest of their lives.

They know how much I love them.
They also know that if they get lost along
the way...
I will come and find them.

Les amo mis hijos
May our Heavenly Father watch over 
each one of you.

Hugs and Kisses!