Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Waldos.... Chimbote with Elder Waddell

The Chimbote Zones had a great Conference with
Elder Christopher Waddell.

This is about half the group size of the zones in Trujllo.
Then Huaraz will be about half the size of this group in Chimbote.

Hope you can find your Missionary.
Again Elder Waddell very back center.

President Turk and Elder Waddell left right after the conference 
with the Assistants to drive to Huaraz.
 Elder Facer and Elder Glasgow and I took
these Zones to lunch to a Chinese Restaurant.

 And since I was traveling with the Mattress King, remember that is our 
financial secretary Elder Facer...
We were killing two birds with one stone.
We ran to the store to get Elder Pickett and his zone some
new mattresses.  We hope that they were able to find some
transportation to get all those mattresses to their
final resting place.  
Casma, where Elder Pickett and Elder Martinez are the Zone leaders,
 is about an hour and a half outside of Chimbote.
The Elders are resourceful... but the Peruvian drivers will stack and pack
and load and carry anything and everything to anywhere.
Wow, I really like that last sentence because it is so true.
 The missionaries here are groovin' on the appetizer...
 fried wontons and sweet and sour sauce

 Enjoy the rest of these random photos...
 It was a great day being with all these Missionaries.
 They are all the best.
There is not a dud among them.... (beautifully said)

We love you and your dedication to the Lord.

Missionaries in Chimbote include:  Aburto, Apaza, Arena, Armstrong, Arthur, Calcina. Calta, Castro, Davila, Espinoza, Galindo, Gomez, Hendrix, Jaramillo, Jensen, Kellogg, Leyva, Lujan, Mendoza, Merkley, Meza, Ortiz, Quiroz, Ramos, Russell, Saldivia, Sandiford, Terry, Vera Vilchez,  Warren, Whitelock, Yat

Missionaries in Casma:  Alva, Delafuente, Escobar, Hoyos, Ipi, Lopez, Martinez, Martinez, Merida, Minaya, Oroxom, Pickett, Ramos and Rengifo.