Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Sunday, October 30, 2011

By Their Fruits...

Elder Fajardo and Elder Arteaga had four baptisms this week.
This is pretty typical for Elder Fajardo.

Do you remember the video I made about Elder Fajardo? (Aug. 18, 2010)
He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the mission.
He had to go home to Guatemala to have the surgery.
We were hoping that it was not cancerous.
We were also praying that if they could remove it
that it would not damage any of his abilities to talk and walk and hear
and teach.  We were mostly praying that it would not take his life.

The tumor was benign and the surgery a total success.
 Elder Fajardo was back in three months
fully charged and more determined than ever
to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He not only believes that this is the true Gospel
He knows it.  
He teaches with power and authority and knowledge.

He doesn't have a family that supports him.
But he has the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
that fills his soul with the knowledge that he
is truly a child of God.
He has the support of the Church and the members.
He has the companionship of the Holy Ghost
to guide and direct him
as he keeps himself worthy and listens.

To see these young men and women...

* who live the beautiful principles of the Gospel
*who are clean from harmful substances and immorality 
*who give up all the worldly things in their lives
*that leave the comforts and friendships of home
*that feel rejection on a daily basis but keep going with joy
*that leave cars, dating, jobs, education, computers etc...

so that they can help others find the true gospel 
and plan of happiness...
is an amazing testimony to me
every single day.

You have never seen such bright and beautiful
and happy
young people anywhere on earth.

By their fruits ye shall know them!