Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Airport Run...

When my sister was on her mission she kept track of the 
hundreds of batches of chocolate chip cookies she made.

I wish that I was counting how many times 
We have been to the airport.

Tonight we took this group to the airport.
It takes both of the cars.
They are heading to Lima to get their Visas taken care of.
They are the missionaries from other Latin countries.
They will spend the day at the embassy and they will attend
a session at the Temple.
Then hop on a plane and head back tomorrow.
This happens in our mission about every six to eight weeks.

Can you imagine what is takes in every mission
to keep Missionaries out in the field.

The organization alone of the physical church
and the missionary program
is enough for me to know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ.
 (Elders: Ramos, Velastagui, Ortellado, Bulmini, Sandoval, and Cornejo and Hermana Montes)

And on a sad note.... Elder Rivas from Chile
has to go home to heal some discs in his back.
He is great.  We will miss him.

But on a good note .... we are heading back to the airport tomorrow to pick up the
missionaries above and a new Elder that is coming in from Colombia.

I will see you on the road to you know where....  (the airport)