Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peruvian Hairless Dog

These dogs crack me up.  They are so ugly they are cute.  They intrigue me. Especially because they are used for many things.
They date back to pre-Incan periods.
Their body temperatures are much warmer because of the lack of hair so they are used by some of the people to sleep with to keep warm.  Or they put them with the children on cold nights for warmth.
They also use them for people with arthritis and asthma and stomach problems because again the warmth when they sleep with them is calming and soothing.  They call this letting the dog "hug" you.

The hairless dogs love to sleep in tight spaces, such as under small tables, house corners, holes in the ground or with people to avoid the cold. Also, if provided with a blanket, they will make it their own and carry it from one place to another without any type of training.
They keep their tongue inside their mouth and do not drool, and as expected, don't shed any hair. Therefore, it is a very clean dog.
They are in a lot of the art work.
They really represent Peru.

Elders Llatance, Roman and Andersen
were with me to pick up the huacos we made 
a couple of weeks ago
and there was the dog again.

The color of the eyes are scary to me.
Don't stare at them or you could get hypnotized