Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Papa French Fry"

I talked to my parents today on skype.
Sometimes you just need to see your Mom and Dad...
no matter how old you are.

I can remember my grandmother Mutti when she was about 90 years old
saying to one of her daughters...
"Caroline,  you didn't even fuss.  I am proud of you."
I can't remember what she was even talking about
but me and my sister Beth said...
"Good grief Mutti, she is 70 years old
and you are still praising her for not fussing?"

The parenting role goes on forever and ever.

My parents looked great.
They were playing with my Grandsons
Griff and Walker.

They were getting ready to go to the Park for 
Griffin's birthday party.
Griffin turns 2 this week.
Here is my Dad with my Grandson Griff.

My grandsons Tillman and Griffin call him "Papa French Fry"
because they eat "Jack in the Box" with him on Tuesdays
and he always gives them french fries.

I heard that while everyone was playing kick ball 
at the park during the party today...
that the ants attacked and infested all the pizza.
Those are some quick moving ants.

Thank goodness they didn't get to the baseball cupcakes.
They said they had a great time anyway.

Later in the afternoon
I was with all of these noble ones.
We were at La Rinconada Building.
Really, there is nothing better than hard working missionaries.
 Elders: Llatance, Andersen, Cermano, Serrano, Guymon, Behotas, President, 
Bourque, Zetina. Briones, and Hannemann

We were attending some baptisms with all of them.
Elder Guymon sang the special number 
while Elder Bourque played the piano.

Below is Elder Guymon with his trainer Elder Serrano.

So far so good on the training.
Keep up the good work Elders.