Terry and Janet

Terry and Janet

Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference and Banana Pancakes

Before the first session of General Conference on Saturday,
We have the office Elders over for Banana Pancakes
because it is their Preparation day.

This morning Elder Lopez, in the bright green tie, and his companion
Elder Prebe, back top right, had to travel in from 
Huamachuco on a bus through the night
because Elder Lopez had a filling fall out of his 
tooth.  He had to come to Trujillo to get it fixed.
Perfect timing!
They were here for breakfast and Conference.
Elder Prebe said that he is going to give his companion milk duds
right before the next General Conference
 so they have to visit the dentist again at this time.
We loved having them.

The Banana Pancakes are a fun treat once every six months.
They load them with ice cream, peaches, scrambled eggs, chocolate sauce
maple syrup, bananas, berry jams and jellies, peanut butter, all different kinds of syrups etc...
Some are just simple like below.

We love these Elders and the long hours they put in every day.

The first session of Conference was excellent.
We are excited for more Temples.
The trailer after conference showed a quick shot of our 
Trujillo Temple groundbreaking.

This group of office Elders have been absolutely a blessing to us.
This will be the last time they are all together.
Things are changing again on Monday with changes.

 We can't wait for the rest of the sessions of Conference.
President will be taking the Elders from Huamachuco to Priesthood tonight 
and then they catch a bus and drive back through the night.
Good thing they are young and strong.
Mission life is not for wimps.